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Hi Mommies,

As the celebration for Mother’s Day approaches, I wanted to open up and write a very sincere note about my thoughts of motherhood. For sure becoming a mommy is the most difficult thing I have ever done in my whole entire life (for like the first 3 years I use to think “is this gonna be like this forever? Can I return him and have money back?) But also it’s been super sweet and rewarding (like 30 % of the Times… ) Baby stage wasn’t definitely my favorite part but I’m loving to see him growing up and becoming a person that I can have conversations with and get to do activities that we can enjoy together. (Finally!!!! My thoughts about the time for him to go to college have vanished.)

So today I wanted to sit down and type up a little pick me up to all moms! 

I don’t want to give you tips about motherhood because I’m still figuring it out every day, and all kids have different personalities. I think that each of us have to make our own decisions based on what is best for each different lifestyle, so it’s very personal. But I’m gonna mention 5 things that had made my life easier and made me feel good about myself:

  • Take all the help people offer. I’m so grateful for this because I been so blessed that my mom has been there unconditionally whenever I need her. She’s hand on with everything. I love mami! 
  • NEVER FEEL GUILTY Prioritize your own needs, you should always be first and second comes the rest of the world. When you feel good about yourself than you can give attention to others and make them feel loved and important as well. So if you need sometime to clear your mind take some steps back, don’t feel guilty!
  • Make sure to put in your body all the nutrients you need to stay sane and healthy. Cut refined sugar, refined carbs and dairy to decrease inflammation in your body. I like to keep my energy levels up to keep up with everything I like to do such as being creative at work, exercising, and doing activities with my little one (he is very very active) so, I been taking mushrooms supplements for while now and I have found that cordyceps has giving me that extra boost I need. These mushrooms enhance the body’s ability to resist aging, it’s capable of stopping the aging process is likely to be the stuff of legend rather than reality. However, although nobody claims that cordyceps prevent, or even reverses this natural process, the little fungus might slow it down. Older Chinese people use it to boost energy.
  • I don’t think that BALANCE it’s a reality or even exists, but I try to balance work and family time. Lately, we have been doing more activities together like biking, riding the scooter, swimming in the pool or beach, etc. So we can spend time outside and enjoy the fresh air as a family. We do fun races in the scooters and that way I work out my bootie and he burns some energy. The scooter takes us to streets around the key so I can spy locations for my shoots while riding with Elias and my husband.
  • DIGITAL DETOX Once in a while, since I live in two parallel worlds my real and my digital life. On weekends I really limit my time on the phone and give priority to my family.

Thank you Chanel – I loved mixing and matching my favorite pieces from the Spring-Summer Collection 2019. Have a lovely weekend, I hope you get celebrated a lot everyday as you should. And check out my Insta (@lopezjennylopez) for all the behind the scenes for this shoot. REMEMBER we are all amazing so mamas keep doing you and keep focusing in the positive things in life. Ah, I’m finally seeing the light and enjoying very much the ride of life with my son and it’s the most rewarding feeling. I want to give him my best to see him grow up and become a happy, sensitive human being that lives life with positive intentions. Sending my love to all the mamas out there! xx

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