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Get inspired by this boho look. It’s a great editorial photographed by Mark Abrahams. It’s perfect for a wild romance adventure!
boho look

Hi Girls,

I think this is such an amazing boho inspired editorial. ! In this article, I see that the Bohemian spirit flows into every piece. So I can’t wait to talk about these jackets, they are just Dreamy! I believe it’s a must item to have in your closet, you can decide to dress up or down depending your look. 

If you are on the hunt for a jacket look for something like this. As a result, I have a couple in my closet and always wear them during winter and spring. 

This is a loving space for all to share, inspire and be inspired. It’s the perfect fit for a wild romance adventure!

Model: Georgia Hilmer

Photographer: Mark Abrahams

Hair Stylist: Samantha Traina

Hair: Romina Manenti

Makeup: Justine Purdue 

Manicure: Maki Sakamoto

Hope you enjoyed this editorial! I will always keep the boho spirit in my style. xx