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P.a.c.k.i.n.g L.i.g.h.t

P.a.c.k.i.n.g L.i.g.h.t

I definitely like my packing light… I travel every week and I do my best to make my trip a little more simple… I’d rather take my carry-on with everything in hand, exit the airport quickly without  wasting time to reach the hotel as soon as possible or home. 
Despite this, I also like to look good and this is one of the formulas that I have to pack my suitcase:

★ Make each one of the looks that I wear work around my parka, vest and boots, which at the same time are the heavier pieces, and they occupy more space, I would rather wear them than carry !!!

WOOL VEST: Anthropologie
BOOTS: Sendra @ Free People

A mi definitivamente me gusta empacar liviano… Viajo todas las semanas y hago lo posible para hacer mis viajes algo mas simple…Prefiero llevar mi carry-on todo a la mano, salir rapidamente del aeropuerto sin desperdiciar tiempo para llegar al hotel lo antes posible o a mi casa.

A pesar de esto, tambien me gusta lucir bien y esta es una de las formulas que tengo para empacar mi maleta: 

★ Hacer que cada uno de  los looks que usare funcionen alredor de mi parka, chaleco y botas, que a su vez son las piezas mas pesadas, y que ocupan mas espacio, mejor las uso que cargarlas!!!

Estoy usando la misma parka, chaleco y botas durante los 4 dias 3 noches que duro mi viaje.
CHALECO DE LANA: Anthropologie
BOTAS:Sendra Free People

Day One – Dia Uno

fashion travel



fasionable travel boots
light travel fashion
TOP AND BELT: Free People
SKIRT: Vintage
Day Two . Dia Dos


travel fashion boots and jacket
traveling jacket
PULLOVER: Free People
SKIRT: Vintage
Day Three . Dia Tres

travel light clothes


traveling clothes


boots for travel
JEANS: Levis Vintage @ Free People
The day three pictures were taken rigth before I jumped on the cab to go to the airport.
Mood on the pictures requested by Carrie!!!

Las fotos del dia tres fueron tomadas justo antes de subirme al taxi para ir al aeropuerto.
La accion en la foto pedida por Carrie!!!

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  • Jenny, you look so glamourous even though you are "packing light"… beautiful!
    I'm glad I got to see you today. I miss you so much!

  • Oh my gosh Jenny I am LOVING this!! Great tips on the outfits going with the main boots and jacket…but hello to the actual items within as well. Day 1 – um, okay the skirt is amazing and Day 2 – I got that sweater for Christmas!! Now if I could just hit a vintage jackpot for a skirt.

    So love seeing what you're wearing. Your my FPfave!


  • I too am a big fan of packing light to avoid waiting for luggage! I always want to get home ASAP after working n traveling. Unfortunetly for me when I travel for work it usually involves a very enormous bag weighing over 50lbs full of shoes {so I can not carry it on:(}
    I am dying over your vintage skirts… beautiful. Vintage pieces are the best.

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