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orange lips

orange lips

As you guys have seen, my signature look for make up is always very natural…but lately I been liking very much this orange lip trend, that I think many of us can wear and it’s very refreshing change for the summer!
Como ustedes han podido ver, siempre llevo el maquillaje super natural…pero ultimamente me ha estado gustando muchisimo esta tendencia labio naranja que pienso que muchas podemos llevar y es un cambio refrescante para el verano!



I get to try the latest trends for make up during jobs, I don’t necessarily like all of them! BUT orange lips have been happening a lot!!!
The way to wear it is: 
1.just give a finish look to your skin with some foundation. 
2.On the eyes some little brown shadow and mascara. 
3. Very little blush on the cheeks.
The rest has to stay very natural looking, so DON’T overdo the eyes or blush.
He estado probando la ultimas tendencias de maquillaje, y necesariamente no me gustan todas! PERO los labios naranja se estan llevando bastante!!!
Y esta es la manera de usarlo:
1. Solo dale un look “finish” a tu piel con un poco de base.
2. En los ojos un poco de sombras cafes.
3.Un poco de rubor en las mejillas.
El resto tiene que verse super natural, entonces NO se les valla a pasar la mano con los ojos ni el rubor. Eh dicho!!!  
Shooting in Miami…
With make up artist Hally
A picture from the screen at Nordstrom studio


This is one of the colors I really like “EVANGELINE LILY” from CARGO, kind of creamy and a little translucent.

I tried at work and once for going out for dinner, my husband told me at first I look a bit weird, but he liked  my different look!!!
Avalaible at:DERMSTORE

Este es el color que me ha parecido super simpatico “EVANGELINE LILY” from CARGO, es cremosito y un poco translucido.

Lo probe en el trabajo y otra vez una noche que sali a cenar, mi esposo le parecio un poco raro porque  siempre me ve sin nada de maquillaje. Al final le ha gustado “MY DIFFERENT LOOK!!!

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