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Vogue feature for the march issue. 
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Hello Lovelies,

So honored and flattered, yes I know I could sound a little bit redundant, but Vogue is the bible for fashion and this month I have been featured in Vogue Latin America March issue. Here is the translation for the article:
The most Authentic allure, Jenny Lopez reveals the latin essence in her eclecticism.

We never know where we will finish, but we do know where we started. For Jenny Lopez everything started in Medellin as a model for a couple of national brands, but very soon and because of her exotic features and her strong presence in front of the camera she was chosen as the face of one of the top Colombian brands OndadeMar. Oriented to a bohemian style, gypsy, unexpected and fun, an immediate reference to the brand and vice versa. Her wardrobe mixes her passion for vintage clothing and she collects the best from local designers, from Suki Cohen lingerie, the jewels from Paula Mendoza, the skirts from Polite, to the different pieces she finds at Olga Piedrahita. Internationally she follows Isabel Marant, Etro, Miu Miu and Sophia Webster, among others, but the treasures from her closet come from her grandmother’s closet and other ones she has found during her travels. Collecting vintage is one of her greatest passions. A couple of years ago the model launched her blog about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. “My blog is called LopezJennyLopez…something like Bond James Bond. That’s how people remember it!!! This has worked for me as a channel to share the knowledge I have acquired in fashion during my years in modeling, this has allowed me to branch out as a producer, promote trends and it’s my way to show my own personal style and all the novelties I find, Jenny explains. In addition, Lopez launched her Jewelry brand, Momposina Rocks, with undoubted success. Accessories full of influences from different cultures of the world, like navajo and hindu, and from a few Colombian communities. The result are pieces that stand out for their colorful and eclectic design. Her pieces have  been sold in USA at Free People, Sabbia, Oxygen Boutique and LagunaRosa in Colombia. 

This year Momposina Rocks will collaborate with other designers. Likewise the creator works with Tennis as an ambassador for the brand, and her experience in modeling is focusing her to create a brand around her name. Furthermore she is an inspiration for women who want to start collecting vintage and want to awaken their inner bohemian goddess. Even though fashion is her passion, Jenny is preparing herself to become a mother. “Now my family is my most important project in life.” She concludes.

Kisses! xx


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