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Hello my lovelies,

I loved doing this interview for Hola Ecuador alongside Uti Torres, as I admire her a lot. It came during the launch of my most recent app “Jenny on the Go” and they proposed interesting questions about the future of the digital world, its evolution and foremost, our intention in this ever growing world.

Here are two highlights from the article. I hope you find it useful:

-As a woman who’s been at it for years, how do you evaluate the evolution of the digital world?

I believe social media and the internet are more and more powerful every day, everything we want is available right away. I believe brands need to focus on their niche audience when it comes to social media and be more specific about the strategies they put in place to capture this audience, instead of trying to capture a wider audience or more followers. I shop only a lot, but everything has changed so much that now that I visit online stores where I shopped all the time, I find myself a bit lost and confused.

– How to do you value your input to this digital world, what is your intention?

I want to give back to the world, inspire women to reach for their dreams, to be independent, to go after what they like, and to first take care of being happy in order to show that to others. We first must take care of ourselves to then go rescue anyone else, that’s the reason I believe it’s so important to take care of ourselves.

Aquí les dejo el artículo original en Español.