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Hello my lovelies,

I’ll start by telling you that my inspiration for my trip to Paris was Red Riding Hood to celebrate Valentine’s with my ferocious wolf.

This outfit combo comes from the ultra bohemian brand Caravana! One of my favorite pieces is their pink wrap top and burgundy dress. That is to say, I find it ideal to wear anytime but especially during Valentine’s, to glam it out a little I wore some gold accessories from Chanel and have as a result the boho luxe that I adore.

Paris is just the perfect spot to be in the romantic mood and walk around with your love. FirstI choose my type of love whether its endless, amazing, or unexpected.

Most importantly, Give your love a wow factor and go all out this Valentine’s, take your boy out on a date to his favorite restaurant or buy some fun sexy toys stay in and live new experiences. So this Valentine’s it’s all about making yourself and your Queen V (vagina) feel happy, update your sexual toys or if you are a first timer these are actually AMAZING tips to try.

In other words, I wanted to think outside the box for Valentine’s and take a little risk to bring you a different kind of subject from what I usually post and show you girls what I’ve been talking about with friends lately to spice up our sexual lives and make it more fun! Unlock the wonders of female orgasm:

Foria Wellness is a lubricant made of CBD, it gives your papaya a good “high.”

Smile makers is a line of only the friendliest collection of vibrators on the planet. They have created fantasy characters to keep us smiling. For example, the French man was the first one I wanted to try. But there is the tennis coach, the fireman, the surfer, and the millionaire. So make sure to try one!

Who knows what he’s saying, but does it matter? This sexy linguist has got you locked in his gaze and soon you’ll be delightfully fluent in his native tongue. So make yourself comfortable, mademoiselle, because when it comes to passion this master’s going to give you an education.

Lelo Sona is good vibrations everywhere. Sonic waves pulse from the mouth of the SONA to stimulate all of the clitoris. Even the parts of it we can’t see. Therefore, those waves supposedly penetrate deeply into the body, traveling all along the network of nerves that make up this most pleasurable of body parts.

Meanwhile, I also love using the sex dust, this combination of mushrooms puts me in a sexy vibe in and out of bed so I put it in my coffee, tea or smoothies. I always like to be in a sexy and creative mood to bring the best attitude to the table and socialize.

Check it out, you’ll love it!

I hope you girls like this subject I talked about. So let me know, how you like it ?!?!
Have a wonderful Valentine’s. Give some love to yourself first, the rest will come!