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Hola Chicas!

I am back and with one of my favorite topics, skincare! Health is reflected in the way your skin looks, skin is our largest organ, and to have good skin, there is discipline involved. The way we take care of it, from what we eat to what we put on our skin.


A couple of months back, I started working with BL+ Skincare. Before I work with a company, I make sure it fulfills my standards and ideologies, I like to use the products and make sure they do what they promise to be able to recommend them.

BL + Skincare is a sustainable skincare line, born in Iceland, home to one of the planet’s most magnificent natural wonders, the Blue Lagoon. BL+ Skincare has combined the most cutting-edge ingredients with a background of high science. The brand specializes in finding the most restorative and anti-aging ingredients from Blue Lagoon Micro-algae and its countless properties.

The BL+ COMPLEX is their “star component”; a specific blend of micro-algae and silica encapsulated into a delivery system that utilizes biomimicry to effectively penetrate the active components, deep into the skin. The two products I have been trying out from BL+ Skincare and love are “BL+ The Serum” and the “BL+ Eye Serum”, each of them with a high performance formula that targets skin aging, which helps to optimize skin health over time.

BL+ The Serum mixes the proven BL+ formula with Vitamin C and three forms of hyaluronic acid: sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, and fragmented hydrolyzed hyaluronic hyaluronate hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, and fragmented hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid). I have honestly seen how incorporating this serum in my daily routine has diminished the signs of aging and has created a protective barrier on my skin, plumping and giving it a healthy glow! The seawater from the Blue Lagoon has great power for the absorption of minerals!

Regarding the BL+ Eye Serum, I recommend it for those of you who have some fine lines in your eye area. The eye serum has reduced the appearance of those lines and has also reduced the puffiness under my eye area, and if you like a lightweight textured product this is the one for you! Aside from the incredible list of ingredients, it contains Micro-algae and Silica, and has a rollerball that I like to massage with my eye area. This unique design of the packaging allows you to spread the serum evenly around the eye area by massaging it into your skin. By doing this you are ensuring that the product will get absorbed faster in the skin. Hygiene plays a major role as well because by using the rollerball to apply the serum, it’s not necessary to use your fingers so no bacteria is spread in the process

Amigas, honestly if you are looking for a sustainable skincare line that contains incredible and highly concentrated ingredients that will penetrate your skin and deliver results, this is your sign to go to the BL+ Skincare webpage and explore all of their products, trust me you will love me for this! Best part, if you want to buy it here is my code: JENNY15 for 15% OFF 

Let me know if you have heard about this beauty brand and also what other beauty hacks you would like to learn from me?

Hasta la próxima chicas, sending you love!

Jenny, xx