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Bold Makeover by Sephora in collaboration with JC Penney and Always know your skin. My advice on Bold looks is to focus on one area.

Hello Darlings,

I was invited to do a Bold Makeover by Sephora in collaboration with JC Penney. These past days have been crazy busy between work and moving houses, so taking some time off to take care of my skin and learning new trends came in handy.

This new trend is something that probably you won’t see me going for, but honestly I loved the way Giuseppe Talluto, my Sephora Area education manager (AEM) did my makeup and took care of my skin. In addition, I want to tell you all that Sephora actually invests in technology they have a great tool to measure your skin humidity and to determine your color palette. You can walk in, and they will do this test for you! Always know your skin!

It was a great experience, we talked about new trends and how a “Pop a Little” like an ombre effect on your lips for an everyday occasion can really make the difference. But my advice on Bold looks is to focus on one area, either your eyes or your mouth. But please don’t do it all at once and try to have your skin as bare as possible, cover your flaws but don’t over-do the foundation! This time I went for the Bold eyes look with the Blueliner for a cat-eye effect. Therefore, I went with pale lips. It was very interesting having such a bold makeup done early afternoon, but to be honest, I felt super comfortable and fun!

I recommend the staff at Sephora inside JCPenney they can take good care of you and you can also shop a great variety of products based on your needs.

Okay my lovelies until the next, let’s stay connected via Instagram #SephoraInJCP #SoWorthIt ! xx

Hola Chicas

Me invitaron a hacerme un maquillaje atrevido hecho por Sephora en colaboración de JCPenney. Estos últimos días han sido súper ocupados entre el trabajo y la mudanza de mi casa, por ello me tomé un tiempo libre para cuidar de mi piel y aprender sobre nuevas tendencias.

Esta nueva tendencia no es algo que yo usualmente uso, pero honestamente amé la manera que Giuseppe Talluto me maquilló y cuidó y preparo mi piel. Sephora ha hecho increíbles inversiones tecnológicas  y tienen una gran herramienta para medir la humedad de tu piel y para determinar el color exacto de tu piel, solo necesitas entrar a la tienda para que ellos mismos te hagan el test. Siempre es bueno conocer nuestra piel!

Recomiendo al 100% al Staff de Sephora, ellos te atenderán muy bien y también podrás encontrar productos con gran variedad según tus necesidades.

Ok mis amores hasta la próxima, ¡quédense conectados vía Instagram! Xx