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Finally I get to post pictures of Doub’s closet, Free People creative director for the CLOSET STORY feature!!! Sorry guys it took me a couple of days after I posted the video but the reason is my life it’s been a little bit hectic!
Finalmente puedo hacer el post del closet de Doub, la directora creativa de Free People para la seccion de CLOSET STORY!!! Disculpenme que me tomo un par de dias desde que hice el post del video pero la razon es que mi vida a estado un poco agitada!
It was the 3 of us that nigth, Carrie, Doub and me!!!
We went to a Greek restaurant for dinner near Doub’s place. The food was really good!
After dinner we went home, had some wine and she started showing me all of her closet trasures.
Eramos las 3 esa noche, Carrie, Doub y yo!!!
Fuimos a un restaurante Griego cerca a la casa de Doub. La comida increible!
Después de comer fuimos a su casa, tomamos un poco de vino y ella me mostró todos los tesoros de su closet.
Kitchen / Cocina
This hat she got it as a present from her godmother…Cool godmother!!!

Este sombrero lo recibió de regalo de su madrina…Una madrina muy cool!!!
This other hat is made by a friend of hers.

Este otro es hecho por una de sus amigas.
I love this indian necklace, I am crazy about it!
 A ring she recently got in Las Vegas.


I love this neckless, looks like a spider web!
My favorite pair of shoes from her closet are the furry ones in the middle!
She recently got this dress in a boutique in Williamsburg, NY
She got this belt in Tibet when she went to shoot the NOMAD catalog for Free People.
This jacket is from her inspirations…They made this after a real hodie. She liked it so much she keep it!
Her mom made this top for her in one of her visits to Philadelphia!
The skull is made out of some lace pieces Doub had at home.
She got this shorts in Munich, Germany. She thinks they are funny!
From her last trip to Copenhagen.
One of her favorite tops she have had forever.

Una de sus camisas preferidas que tiene hace muchísimo tiempo.



Making sure the ligth is rigth and that I capture every detail!


 She asked me to get dress in her clothes…So, I picked the dress that I loved since I saw her once wearing it and she picked the jacket! I LOVE THIS OUTFIT, Really cool!


…And here we are together, playing dressing up!!!
I just love this picture!!!
This is Carrie…She shoot the video and the pictures of me for this post!
Thanks Carrie, Muuuaaaa!!!!
Doub and Carrie were the two people I first met when I started working for Free People, they did the casting!

I love these girls!!!


Her boyfriend made this furry bag!
Super cool!
Her boyfriend is a crafty boy, he also made the wall in the backround!
Trying to figure the only two chords a learned when a took some guitar classes when I was about 13 !
Adios, I will see you soon with another CLOSET STORY….
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