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Month: June 2012

Coffee Run

A high dose of fringe and beige to be dressing alike with my dog for a coffee run on Licoln Road, Miami. I really like to dress in with this kind of tunics, you can wear them all the time for different situations. Ideal during the day when you don’t…


Tennis – Shopping Spot

During my last trip to Medellin. As I had mention in previous posts, tennis is one of my shopping destinations every time I go to Colombia, and this time I got to spend a whole afternoon with Maria Fernanda, Monica and Gigio, who make part of the  creative stuff of…


Instagram May Recap (II)

Here is the second part of “Instagram May Recap”. Find me on Instagram @LopezJennyLopez. On the picture above an exhibition I got to see in “La Candelaria” Bogota at Christopher Pascall’s gallery. I been thinking of this for my dinning room. Aqui esta la segunda parte de mi resumen del mes…


Instagram May Recap ( I )

A recap of what the month of may was for me on Instagram. I am thinking about doing it every month. Let me know how you guys like it? On the picture above, the shoes I packed for a 2 weeks trip to Colombia, three different cities, three different climates.…


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