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Month: January 2011

G r a f i t t i

 some eye candy from art basel…


V i c t o r i a n

This is an outfit I wore this week while in Philadelphia and I got featured in FREE PEOPLE blog for the Model Off Dutty section. This is what the wrote about me: our videographer snapped these photos jenny lopez when they were out to dinner last night- doesn’t she look…


P.a.c.k.i.n.g L.i.g.h.t

I definitely like my packing light… I travel every week and I do my best to make my trip a little more simple… I’d rather take my carry-on with everything in hand, exit the airport quickly without  wasting time to reach the hotel as soon as possible or home.  Despite…



As a capricorn girl, I would like to make an homage to these women that somehow influenced the fashion world for their style, beauty and talent. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!!! Como chica capricorniana que soy, le quiero hacer un homenaje e estas mujeres  que de alguna manera influenciaron el mundo…


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